Wix Website Builder Help

wix website builder help

Do you need Wix website builder help?

Have you signed up with Wix but are not quite sure what to do?

Don’t have the time to build your Wix website?

This is exactly why we created 3 Page Plus. We know that while Wix is an amazing website builder, there are many reasons why you just may not want to build the site yourself. You’ve got a business to run and learning a new system and building your own website may not be where your time is best spent.

So what are your options then?

  1. Not listening to your inner self and building the Wix website yourself anyway.
  2. Hiring a web agency to build it for you, costing you thousands of dollars.
  3. Letting 3 Page Plus build your Wix website.

We may be partial, but if you need Wix website builder help, we think the third option is your best bet. Let’s go through each option in a bit more detail.

Option 1: Build the Wix website yourself

Any new software can be intimidating at first. And while Wix is awesome, there is still a learning curve, especially if you’ve never used a website builder before. You will need to know:

  • Web design best practices
  • How to crop an image
  • The best way to format your content
  • How to optimize your Wix website for the search engines
  • How to use colors to your advantage
  • And more…

Are all of these things doable? Absolutely…if you want to take the time to learn and do it right. But please keep in mind…putting up a bad website is worse than having no website at all. Is the risk really worth it?

Option 2: Hire a web agency

Web agencies can be expensive. Very expensive. And most of them do not work on the Wix platform, preferring to use a system that they are already comfortable with, like WordPress. But is WordPress really the best solution for YOU? Do you want to worry about outdated plugins and software? Or security issues? Or paying an agency a monthly fee to update your website?

Yeah…we didn’t think so.

Option 3: Let 3 Page Plus build your Wix website

Building Wix websites is all we do. Our mission is simple: To help individuals and small businesses with limited budgets create an amazing website that is effective, affordable and easy to maintain. By using 3 Page Plus, you will:

  • Save time. Once we have all of the content from you, we should be able to get you live within one week, as compared to the 10 weeks it takes the average custom small business website to be built. See how our process works.
  • Save money. We know what custom website design can cost. We used to work in agencies and saw the astronomical amounts being charged. That is why we started this business. Because custom website design can be done well…but at a much more reasonable rate.
  • Avoid headaches. Combining the Wix platform with our team of experienced web designers is the perfect solution for you. No going back and forth a hundred times with your web designer. And no need to learn a new system. It is the simplest way to get a great small business website up and running.
  • Receive our complete focus. Building small business websites on the Wix platform is our entire business. We don’t build websites on other platforms. We don’t host websites. We don’t handle print work. All of our time is put into building amazing and affordable Wix websites.

So let’s summarize things here. If you need Wix website builder help, you have your choices. But only one option saves you time, money and headaches. Please see how our process works and when you are ready, request a quote and we’ll get back to you within 2 business days.