The Wix Super Bowl Ads – From Best to Worst

wix super bowl ad Karlie Kloss

Let’s talk Wix Super Bowl ads.

Wix started advertising during the Super Bowl in 2015. Yeah…they have a pretty major budget. Here’s what I like about their Super Bowl ads: They’re pretty entertaining and effective, without dumbing it down for their audience or going for the cheap joke, as so many Super Bowl ads do. And yes…I’m looking at you Go Daddy.

Since we build Wix websites here at 3 Page Plus, I thought we’d do a quick review of the Wix Super Bowl ads from the past five years and see what which one ranks the best, on a scale from 1 – 10. And away we go…

2019 Wix Super Bowl Ad with Karlie Kloss

Pros: Karlie Kloss (need I say more?) Straightforward. Short and sweet.
Cons: Kinda boring. And it’s simply not as easy to rank for Google as they show it. It’s a lot more involved than clicking a button. Facts matter.
Rating: Good…coulda been great. 7

2018 Wix Super Bowl Ad with Rhett & Link

Pros: Great energy. Shows a variety of features. Fun…yet still informative.
Cons: Rhett & Link?
Rating: Nicely done: 8

2017 Wix Super Bowl Ad with Gal Gadot & Jason Statham

Pros: Good action scenes? Nice lighting?
Cons: Probably sounded great in the planning stage. Trying too hard to be cool.
Rating: Swing and a miss. 5

2016 Wix Super Bowl Ad with Panda kung fu

Pros: Can I get back to you on this?
Cons: Where do I start?
Rating: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 2

2015 Wix Super Bowl Ad with Brett Favre

Pros: Relevant to the audience. Explains clearly what Wix does. Favre and Carve. Smart.
Cons: Zip.
Rating: We’ve got ourselves a winner! 9