How to Open a Wix Account (Video)

how do I create a wix account?

Where is the Wix sign up page? How do I sign up with Wix? How do I open a Wix account? Do I need to select a premium plan when I open a Wix account?

All good questions. And in this Quick Wix video tutorial (see below), we’ll show you how to open a Wix account.

Here are the basic steps to open a Wix account:

  1. Go to ( I know…pretty obvious).
  2. Click the Get Started button. Yes…it’s a bit confusing since there is no Sign Up button. Kinda an odd decision by Wix.
  3. On the log in screen, click the blue Sign Up link. Again…an extra unnecessary step by Wix. I’ll have a long chat with them.
  4. Enter an email address and select a strong password.
  5. Click the Sign Up button.

You now have a FREE Wix account and can build your Wix website. Just note that you will want to purchase one of their premium plans before going live. Otherwise, your website will have Wix ads and will not have a custom domain. But fear not. It’s not expensive and it’s what you would pay no matter where your website was hosted.

Look for more Wix website tutorials coming your way.

Don’t want to build your own Wix website? Contact us. Building Wix websites is all we do.

Sign up for a Wix account here.

How to Create a Wix Account