Do Small Businesses Need a Website?

does a small business still need a website

Ok…it’s 2018…soon to be 2019…and the question still arises? Do small businesses need a website? The short answer:

YES…A small business still needs a website!!!

Ok…sorry for yelling. It’s a topic near and dear to our heart because we know how important an effective website is to your business. And that’s our simple goal here at 3 Page Plus: to help your small business prosper. Now some of you small business owners out there (bless your hearts) may be saying “Nah…I don’t need a website. I can grow my business just as effectively and efficiently without one.”

With all due respect…ummm…no. Let us count the ways why your small business does indeed need a website.

Having a website is expected.

do you need a small business websiteWe really could start and end with this one (but that would make for a really boring article). Can you imagine talking to a prospective customer and she asks what your website is and your response is “I don’t have a website.”? Do you really think she would still take you seriously? The fact is…you must be on the web because your customers expect you to be. It’s that simple.

You can compete with the big boys and girls.

compete with other small businessesAssuming the knocking down of net neutrality (argh!) doesn’t change this, having a website means you can be competitive with the top companies in your industry. Before the internet, how was a small startup supposed to compete with the likes of ATT, IBM, etc? It was challenging, if not impossible. But now, being online and making sure your website rocks, you can actually appear more attractive than your larger competition. How cool is that?

You can make money while you sleep.

website makes money while asleepHaving a small business website means your doors never close. At 3 Page Plus, we do some of our best work in the wee hours of the morning. And I’m sure we are not alone. Millions of people are browsing the web at all hours of the day. Having a website means you can make money in your sleep. Let us repeat that…you can make money while you sleep!! And if that doesn’t help you sleep well…try melatonin nothing will.

You can do business around the world.

do business globallyImagine having a small business in [insert small town here with a population of 37] and not having a website. How exactly are you going to get customers in [insert large city in another country here] without a small business website? Sure…you can hire a sales force and make cold calls. And perhaps you still will. But won’t having a website just make it a tad easier to get business globally than trying to reach out manually all over the world. (We’ll assume you are nodding your head yes at this point.)

You can make your small business look bigger than it really is.

yes you need a websiteBack in the day when I personally started my first web design company (we’re talking in 1998), I was a one man shop. But I did not necessarily want my prospective clients to know that, as I was in competition with large web design agencies with teams of 93 people. So did I lie? No…because that always comes back to bite you. Plus, lying is not exactly a business model I wanted to follow. But I did make myself look larger than I really was by making my website absolutely rock so it APPEARED I was no less impressive than my competition. My website did not look like I was small potatoes. And here I am…21 years later. Just saying.

You will save both time and money.

small business website will save you time and moneyYes…a website means an investment in both time and money (although using 3 Page Plus to build your small business website will mean a much smaller investment compared to our competitors.) But having a small business website also means majorly reducing the time and money you’ll spend in both marketing and customer service. Think of all of the wasted phone calls you won’t have to answer. Think of all of the ways you can spread the word about your amazing business with the click of a button. Think of how easily it will be to contact your customer base with a simple email after you collect their email addresses on the website (we recommend Mail Chimp). And think of how saving all of this time and money means you can put those resources into other ways to build your business. Ok…you can stop thinking now.

So…the question was DO SMALL BUSINESSES NEED A WEBSITE? I hope you can see the answer is a resounding YES. And while we can give you even more reasons why your small business needs a website, you’ve got a business to run and a website to build. Need help with your website? That’s what we’re here for. Got questions? We’re all ears.