How to Change the Background Color on Wix

how to change the background on Wix

Odds are the color scheme in your Wix template won’t be the one you want to stick with. Whether it’s personal taste or it does not match your current branding, you’ll want to change the background color on Wix to something more your style.

How to Change the Background Color on Wix

The first thing you need to understand is that most Wix templates consist of three background: the header background, the page background and the footer background. Take a look at the following image (no…there won’t be a quiz):

change the wix background color

There’s the overall page background, which is a black and white image that covers the entire page.

There’s the header background, which is set to a color and GOES OVER the page background.

And there’s the footer background, which has a semi-transparent background color, allowing just a bit of the page background to peak through.

As you can see, in a wix template, the header and footer backgrounds will be placed on top of the page background. If you remove the header and footer backgrounds, you will see the page background. But for this Wix template, I’d actually just like a nice white background.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to change the Wix background. Enjoy.