Biggest Blogging Mistakes? 20 Ways to Run an Awful Blog for Your Small Business.

what are the biggest blogging mistakes
Wanna make the biggest blogging mistakes? Wanna have a really awful blog? And I mean the most awful blog ever? Wanna really frustrate your audience? Wanna limit your chances of running a successful blog? It’s really quite simple. Just follow these 20 simple steps. C’mon…step right up…don’t be shy…you can do it.
  1. Have popups. Like lots and lots of popups. Especially when someone first visits your page!
  2. Don’t do a spellcheck. People love following someone who will not take the time to check for spelling errors.
  3. Have tons of ads; in the header, on the sidebar, within the content. Be as obtrusive as you can with them.
  4. Use affiliate links but by all means DO NOT tell your audience. They will be forever grateful to put money in your pockets without even knowing it.
  5. Don’t respond to comments. People love taking the time to comment and not get a response.
  6. Do not use a sense of humor. Studies have shown that people hate to laugh.
  7. Use a really boring title for your blog. Otherwise, people may actually be enticed to read your post.
  8. Do not consider SEO or do any keyword research. The last thing you want is to come up high in the search engines.
  9. Talk about yourself non-stop. Use “me” and “I” as much as possible. Your audience cares only about you…not themselves.
  10. Use generic stock photos; especially the ones that everyone else is using.
  11. Grammar schmammar. Only snobs care about sentence structure and punctuation.
  12. When you publish a post, don’t tell anyone. You especially don’t want to share it on social media. Just let it sit there waiting to be found.
  13. Do not allow people to easily subscribe to your blog posts. Darn it…make them come back day after day to see if you’ve posted something new.
  14. Do a paid product review but don’t tell anyone it’s not an impartial review. It will be our little secret.
  15. Use a cheap-looking, free blog theme. And to make it extra crappy, use white text on a really, really dark background. People love eye-strain.
  16. Do not make it easy for people to follow you on social media. The last thing you want is a bunch of pesky followers.
  17. Steal other blogger’s ideas and content. Trust me…they LOVE that.
  18. Whatever you do…do not be original. Do not think outside the box. Just do what everyone else is doing.
  19. Don’t add search to your blog. Why make it easy for people to find what they are looking for? That would be silly.
  20. Never promote other people’s content. Why should you? You didn’t write it.