Affordable Small Business Websites

We help small businesses with a limited budget create exceptional websites that are simple to maintain.

Features & Benefits

3 Page Plus is run by a team of veteran web designers who want to help small businesses, startups and non-profits build cost-effective websites. That is why we use Wix, the top-rated and most widely used website platform on the market. Here are a few reasons why we chose Wix:

  • Gorgeous Templates

    Hundreds of user-friendly and beautiful templates for every type of business to choose from.

  • Easy to Update

    Want to change text? Add an image? Create a new page? All so simple with the Wix editor. No tech skills needed.

  • Industry-Leading SEO

    Built-in SEO plus a number of SEO tools ensure your website will be found on Google.

  • Fast and Secure

    3 Page Plus websites load fast and are completely secure. This will help boost your SEO!

  • Custom Domain Names

    Create a custom domain or connect to one you already own. And your website is hosted for free.

  • Analytics

    Track your visitors and monitor your website's performance with tracking tools and analytics.

  • Email Marketing

    Collect subscribers and send beautiful email campaigns to keep them engaged.

  • Blog

    Build your audience and help SEO by creating and managing a blog and sharing on social media.

  • First Class Support

    In addition to an enormous help center and video tutorials, Wix phone support is available 24/7.

  • Low-Cost

    Yes...we saved the best for last. Our prices for a complete website start at $395. If you are a small business looking for an exceptional website, there is no longer the need to spend thousands of dollars. Our solution provides a great return on your investment and allows you to stretch your marketing dollars further.


You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

How does the 3 Page Plus process work?

We keep things simple. When you request a quote, you let us know the Wix template you would like to use and what pages you would like to start with. Our $395 base price always includes the 3 most important pages of any website: the Home, About and Contact pages. Once we have all of the information we need from you, we'll provide you a quote. Once we agree to terms, we get busy building your website.

Can't I just build the Wix website myself?

Sure you can. But 'do you want to' is the question. As great a product it is, there is still a learning curve when first building the site. Is that where you want to spend your resources? Or are they better spent on other top-line items?

What about other solutions like WordPress?

We built WordPress websites for years. It's a fine solution IF you want to keep paying an agency to maintain your website. The fact is...WordPress has a much steeper learning curve. And you need to host the website yourself. And you need to keep all of your plugins constantly updated. And you need to make sure you always have the latest version of WordPress installed. The point? Wix takes care of ALL of that for you. You'll save time, money and headaches. 

Browse the Templates

Hundreds of designer-made templates to choose from.

Industry Experts Love Wix!

There is a reason why we chose Wix as the platform to build your site on.

"Want to build a gorgeous website, packed with interactive features that’ll keep your visitors coming back for more – and don’t want to code it yourself? Then Wix is the perfect website builder for you."

"If you want to get a website online with a minimum of effort and a maximum of creative latitude, look no further than Wix."

"I’ve got to admit that Wix is one of the best and most reliable website builders I’ve ever used. Nearly every step I took was smooth, reliable, and expertly guided."

"I’ve got to admit that Wix is one of the best and most reliable web services I’ve ever used."

"With Wix, small businesses, online stores, restaurants and artists of all website-design levels are able to create a site with a logical and intuitive user interface that will attract the attention of consumers, while also keeping SEO considerations in mind."

Ready to Get Started?

We are more than ready to build your small business website. Your potential customers are looking for you online, so let's get going! Request a quote today.